when im alone - lissie 

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A Walk Through Hell // Say Anything

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Always, Blink-182

I’ve been here before a few times,
And I’m quite aware we’re dying

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holland, 1945 by neutral milk hotel

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“The Key of C” - Say Hi to Your Mom

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the stills - retour a vega

this is one of my favourite songs ever.

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maybe - NERD 

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Tune Out - The Format
Let’s tune out by turning on the radio. 

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Nightmare of You | My Name is Trouble. 

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Why do you do what you do to me baby,
You’re shaking my confidence driving me crazy,
You know if I could I’d do anything for you,
Please don’t ignore me cause you know I adore you,

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So American by Portugal. The Man

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What it Means to be Alone - The Dear Hunter

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Kind of Like Spitting - Blue Period

Why does boy meet girl leave me feeling ripped off?
The police have been tipped off.
Following a trail of denial they’ve all got my file,
send worry in for the knock off, guilt for the clean up.

You say keep your chin up.

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go over the top but come up from the bottom.

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i will follow you into the dark//deathcab for cutie

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